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Create Effective Case Studies

With This Simple Checklist

Case studies are often seen as big, costly productions that many companies shy away from due to the many unknowns involved.

How do I get started? Who is involved in a case study? Don't case studies require complex recording and production capabilities that are often timely and expensive? 

We created an easy-to-follow Case Study Checklist for you and your company to use when getting started on your next case study.

This free checklist provides a guideline that will help you and your team make your next case study as effective and useful as possible. Our Case Study Checklist provides information about the following, and more:

  • Client preparation, team preparation, production, and post-production.
  • Integrating your website to maximize effectiveness of the case study.
  • Lighting and recording tips to create clear, easy to watch content.
  • Questions to ask and discuss throughout the case study.

Download our free Case Study checklist and case study questions, and discover just how simple and effective case studies can be!

                      Checklist Case Study Small