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Ebook The Truth About B2B Sales

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We are happy to provide you a PDF copy of our ebook, "The Truth About B2B Sales."  

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For us, a high-performing sales team is like a glacier. We can see the shiny parts sticking out of the water. Still, as the Titanic can attest, there is much more to a glacier than meets the eye, including the symbiotic relationship pointless without a good sales team to pick up the leads and turn them into revenue. 

In this ebook, we will go into detail about what's below the surface of a high performing B2B sales team:

  • We will provide you the basics of setting up a sales function for a B2B company with the consideration purchase.
  • We will discuss sales and marketing lead processing best practices,
  • Finally, we end with six tales from the "I Hate Money Club", otherwise known as sales teams who engage in revenue-reducing behaviors.

We're not gonna lie, it's 31 pages, chock full of great information and insider secrets. So buckle up and download it now! Let's get started, shall we?

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