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The Truth About B2B Sales

Your sales team can make or break your B2B company. Before you hire your first sales rep, read this.

Ebook! The Truth About B2B Sales.

We all can picture the bright, good-looking, smooth-talking sales executive driving a Tesla and taking off Friday afternoons to improve her golf swing, and we think with envious eyes, “Wow, she has THE life.”

We know every last one of our B2B senior executives wants 100% of their sales team driving high five-figure cars. 

b2b sales ebook coverThis ebook contains exactly what we think every B2B company needs to know before they embark on their sales hiring journey.   

  • We will provide you the basics of setting up a sales function for a B2B company with a considered purchase.
  • We will discuss sales and marketing lead processing best practices. 
  • Finally, we end with six tales from the "I Hate Money Club," otherwise known as sales teams who engage in revenue-reducing behaviors.
We're not gonna lie, it's 31 pages, chock full of great information and insider secrets. So buckle up and download it now!