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What HubSpot Announced and Why YOU Should Care

More than 113 HubSpot features have been announced in the last five months (as of March 9, 2023). Have you been keeping up?

That's OK - We read the news, so you don't have to!

Kelsey Galarza, Orange Marketing Co-Founder, takes viewers through a curated list of the features that matter to both users and admins of B2B tech and software companies.

Kelsey covers the main themes and deep dives into the features we have selected for our customer base. For each feature you'll learn the following:

    • What is it?
    • What does it do?
    • Why should you care?
    • What are the gotchas?
    • How do you get/find these sometimes hidden features?

Watch the recorded webinar and learn more! 

🎥 Recorded Webinar: HubSpot Features Update