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#INBOUND22 Summary

What HubSpot Announced and If YOU Should Care

HubSpot Inbound 22 Resources

We always hear that it's hard to keep up with what HubSpot is doing - especially in the "building" years - where they release a LOT of stuff. And it's not just knowing what it IS, it's how to use it! 


We review these features in our staff meeting each week, and now we're bringing this hot off the press information to YOU, starting with the announcements made at Inbound Sept 7-9. 

We're going to cover the themes and some deep-dive for the features we have selected for our customer base. And because it's us, a little snarketing while we're at it. For each feature you'll learn:

    • What it is
    • What it does
    • Why should you care?
    • What are the gotchas?
    • How do you get/find them

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