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Marketing Campaign Tracking

UTM Naming Convention and Creator in Excel

Save Yourself the Trouble!

Campaign Roll-up Reporting is IMPOSSIBLE without a naming convention.

Free downloadable marketing campaign tracking template

This safe xls file is a template you can use to create and manage all your campaign urls. A consistent naming convention will allow you to roll up to the Channel level (for example, social, emails, etc.), or to see all the results of a given campaign (your event campaign, white paper campaign, etc).

This template is designed for B2B marketers and gives you:

  • Recommended naming convention for Channel, Medium, Source
  • Additional columns for Content, Campaign, Term
  • "Live url" tab with dropdowns and concatenate formulas to make it easy to create multiples in one fell swoop

Uploaded to Google Sheets, this template allows you and your whole team to collaborate and stay on the same page.


Download the Free Excel Template Now!