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Ultimate Checklist For Creating Pillar Pages & Matching Ebooks

Use this checklist to support your Pillar Page SEO strategy.

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Your inbound marketing strategy should include ways to attract and educate prospects while enticing them to engage with your brand. And that is what a Pillar Page and matching ebook do exceptionally well.  

A Pillar Page is a piece of long content, typically 3-5K words, on a real "eye grabber" topic of interest to your prospects that is used in two specific ways:

1) As a Pillar Page posted on your website for SEO purposes
2) And as a PDF, which supports sales processes and serves as a downloadable top-of-funnel offer for advertising

We have the process for creating these down to a science and now offer you a checklist to aid your efforts!

Use this free resource to get the most out of your Pillar Pages and matching ebook!