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White Paper: Breaking the Mold in Sales and Marking

Download our white paper and learn when to ignore conventional wisdom

Determine When to Follow the Herd and When to Go Your Own Way

B2B technology companies attribute a combination of sales and marketing growth strategies and tactics as one of their essential elements for business success. In this guide, we explore the tried and true sales and marketing methods that work, what are good “wildcards", and how to convince your bosses to agree to try them. 

Breaking the Mold WP - Cover

You will learn:

  • "Sacred cow" and "wildcard" sales and marketing tactics
  • 5 strategies with wildly different success rates for your business to try
  • What statistical significance is and its role in performance testing and analysis 
  • How to successfully pitch new campaigns to company decision makers 
  • Bonus Video! Access the Breaking the Mold in Sales and Marketing webinar presentation for additional advice and tips